Things Every New CPAP User Needs To Know

3 November 2021
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When it comes to your CPAP device, there are a lot of supplies on the market to choose from. For those who are fairly new to the CPAP, it can be hard to know which of those accessories are the right ones for your needs. If you've recently been prescribed a CPAP device, it's important that you approach your accessory selection the right way. Here's a look at some of the things that you need to think about.

Comfort Is Important

One of the things that many people underestimate is the importance of comfort when it comes to selecting your CPAP accessories. That is, of course, until you're wearing those accessories. CPAP masks and components need to be comfortable in order for you to actually sleep in them. You'll want to look for cushions, padded mask designs, and other similar accessories to help improve your comfort.

Further, it's in your best interest to recognize that sometimes comfort means replacing a mask you just bought with something different because the original one just doesn't fit the way that you hoped it would. Some trial and error is necessary when you're just getting started.

Cleanliness Is Essential

While some people can tough out a lack of comfort in their CPAP masks, cleanliness isn't something you can compromise on. Your CPAP must be clean and sanitized properly so that you don't risk exposure to any kind of bacteria or pathogen. Make sure that you talk with your CPAP accessories supplier about the best options for cleaning the masks, tubing, and filters in the unit. These components must be treated properly so that you stay safe and healthy. Respiratory issues and infections can be serious risks when you're dealing with CPAP accessories that aren't properly cleaned.

Persistence Is Beneficial

CPAP devices can be difficult to adjust to when you're new to their use. That's why it's important that you find accessories that are as comfortable as possible. Not only that, but you should always be sure that you have enough stock of accessories that you'll be able to use your CPAP device every night when you sleep.

This persistence of using it every single night is the key to adapting to your CPAP appropriately. If you keep up with your CPAP use every night, and you keep your accessories refreshed on a regular basis, this will give you the best possible experience.

Talk with your CPAP accessories and supplies retailer today to find out what your options are for your masks, tubing, and other accessories. The more you understand your choices and the right way to handle them, the more successful you're likely to be with your new CPAP.