I Can Hear You Now: The Different Types Of Hearing Aids

25 January 2018
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Not being able to hear what people are saying to you is not only frustrating to you, but also to the people who have to keep repeating themselves. You may not even realize how much you are missing or how many times you say "I'm sorry, what?" You may think that people are talking softer or you were just not paying attention. If you find yourself turning up the volume on the television or radio, it might be time to consider that the problems you are having when conversing with others is your hearing.

Luckily, slowly evolving hearing problems can usually be resolved with hearing aids. The first thing you should do is ask your doctor for a hearing test. Once the results show you only hear voices that are louder than normal, it is time to start looking at hearing aids. Here is some information to help you choose the type that will be most comfortable for you.

In the Ear

In the ear hearing aids fit inside the outer portion of your ear. You can choose between one that fills the area completely or only the bottom half. The are not the smallest aids and are visible to anyone looking at your ear. However, because they are larger, they can have additional features such as a volume control and a larger battery.

In the Canal

In the canal hearing aids can fit partially in the canal with some of it sitting in the outer ear, and they can also be small enough to fit completely in the canal. Those with a portion in the outer ear may be noticed by others, but not as much as a larger unit. They are easier to adjust when in place. However, aids that are completely in the ear will not be affected by wind, meaning you will hear more clearly when outside or in an area with blown-air heating or cooling.

Receiver in the Canal

This type of hearing aid involves two pieces. One part sits behind the ear and transmits the sounds to a receiver that sits inside the canal through a tiny wire. You can adjust the volume on the transmitter.

Behind the Ear

A behind the ear hearing aid sits on the backside of your ear. You do not have to worry about fitting something inside your ear and the volume is easily adjusted. In addition, you will not have any ear wax clogging the speaker they way it can with aids that are in the ear.

Talk with your doctor or local hearing aid clinic, like Cape May County Hearing Aid Dispensary, and ask to try a few different types of hearing aids before making a final decision. Spend time talking with your family with each type. You will be surprised how much you have missed because you couldn't hear it all.