Choose From These Three Basic Types Of Electric Wheelchairs

10 June 2017
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If it's difficult for you to stay active due a medical condition such as chronic lung disease or bad knees, you may feel like you're stuck in your house and isolated from the world. One solution for that might be to buy an electric wheelchair so you can get out in the world without exerting yourself and making your medical condition worse. When you start looking at electric wheelchairs, you'll find a variety of models and styles. Here is a quick look at the three basic types of chairs and how they differ.

Travel Chairs

Travel chairs are designed to be portable. They fit in your car trunk and some even fit in an airplane overhead compartment when folded down. These chairs are lightweight and have small frames so they can fit through doors and maneuver in tight places such as restaurants. One of these chairs is ideal if you plan to travel a lot by car, airplane, or train. You don't need a lift attached to a car to stow them so you'll be free to ride with anyone as long as there is room in the trunk to hold the chair. Travel chairs usually come apart or fold down so they take up as little room as possible. A travel chair can also be a good choice to use inside your home since they are compact.

Standard Electric Wheelchairs

A basic chair might be a better choice if you need something larger and sturdier. You can also go places with one of these chairs, but since they are heavier, you might need to install a lift on the back of your car to transport the chair. If you're a large person, you'll probably be more comfortable in a standard chair as opposed to a smaller travel chair if you plan to sit in it for long periods of time. Standard chairs are also more versatile since you can choose from a variety of models with different types of seats for the utmost comfort. You can use one of these chairs indoors and outdoors. If you need a chair for use inside your home, be sure to check the width of your doorways so you buy a chair that can go from room to room.

Heavy-Duty Electric Wheelchairs

A heavy-duty chair is larger and heavier than a standard chair. It is designed to hold extra-large riders in a comfortable roomy seat. Also, the tires and batteries are heavy-duty so this type of chair is what you need if you plan to go outdoors and travel through rough terrain. All electric wheelchairs work fine outdoors on level paved sidewalks, but the heavy-duty models have enough power to take you through grass and dirt. Their batteries are even strong enough to tackle small hills. One of these chairs is a good choice if you want to spend time gardening, fishing, or doing other outdoor activities where your chair can't always be on a paved surface.

Before you buy an electric wheelchair, be sure to give thought to how you will use it most so you'll be happy with your selection. Buying the right chair ensures you'll be able to travel or go fishing when you want so you can stay active and socially engaged. Check with a supplier like Corner Home Medical for more information.